Honey Pot Founder

Caprice Thomas

Hello Queen! My name is Caprice Thomas and I'm so glad that you're here for your wellness experience. My holistic journey began in 2016 when I sought out holistic solutions for fertility and womb health. On my journey I discovered Vaginal Steaming and from there my fire for women's health was lit. I became a certified vaginal steam practitioner in 2018 and later a certified body sculpting specialist, specializing in Lipo Cavitation and wood therapy, certified Doula and most recently a P.A.I.L (Pregnancy and Infant Loss) and fertility advocate. 

Each treatment session has been personally hand crafted and designed to meet the needs of each Queen that enter Honey Pots door. Helping women has always been the heartbeat of Honey Pot from menstrual cycles, womb health, to weight loss management, my desire is to offer you the best of holistic care. I believe every woman is a queen and deserves to experience services befitting royalty.